Luxury Car Hire

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Luxury Cars for Hire

Are you looking for the best luxury cars for hire to experience a prestigious ride like never before? If yes, then Callaride luxury car rental company got you covered. We have a wide range of luxury cars for hire, from the Mercedes CLS to the BMW 7 series; there are many other prestige car hires depending on your taste and preference. Also, the many exotic car rentals make it easy for us to offer car hire services in executive areas such as corporate events, wedding transport, VIP event car hire, airport transfers, etc.

Luxury Cars for Hire services

Callaride invests in fulfilling our customers’ needs. As a result, most of our services are tailored to match any customer’s needs, making it the best all-inclusive car rental company in Nairobi.
For our luxury cars for rent services, there are several options, including:

  • Long-term luxury car for hire in Nairobi: We allow our customers to schedule how low they wish to spend with our cheap luxury cars for rent.
  • Short-term luxury car for rent: Do you wish to spend hours or several days riding our luxury car rentals? We offer short-term car rentals to people who wish to temporarily use our prestige car hires.
  • Chauffeur-driven exotic car rentals: If you aren’t a fan of driving a prestige car and would prefer to spend your executive drive enjoying the view, chauffeur-driven luxury car rentals are the best. You get a professional driver who safely takes you to your desired destination as you have the time of your life.
  • Self-drive sports car rentals: We allow our customers to self-drive. But you must have a driving license and national ID.

Luxury Car Hire Fleet

Our luxury car hire fleet includes;

  • Mercedes CLS
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW X7
  • Audi
  • Lexus LS
  • Hummer
  • Chrysler Stretched Limousine

There are other prestige cars for hires. All you need is to contact our customer care team for more details.

Luxury Car for Hire Prices

Luxury cars for hire prices range between KSH 4,500 and KSH 20,000 depending on the car types you use, the luxury car rental period, and the extra services. Contact our professional team for a custom luxury car rental package.

We have discounted prices on long-term luxury car hire depending on the car hire period, The more car hire days the higher the discount!

Call A Ride

Our Car Rental Services

At Call a Ride we offer all-inclusive car hire and car rental services in Nairobi Kenya.
Contact us for a custom package.

Luxury Car Hire FAQ

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What are the Luxury cars for hire prices?2023-06-26T17:51:39+03:00

Callaride Luxury cars for hire cost between KSH 4,500 and KSH 20,000, depending on the car model, car rental period, and the extra services you will receive.

Why Callaride for luxury cars for rent?2023-06-26T17:46:23+03:00

We are an affordable and reliable partner that works on delivering you the best prestige car hires. All you need is to communicate with our team, who will tell you all the essential things about our luxury cars for hire services.

What must I know before booking luxury cars for hire in Nairobi?2023-06-26T17:45:19+03:00

There are simple car rental rules depending on the services you wish to receive. You will likely need a National ID or passport and a valid driving license.
The best way to learn about our cheap luxury cars for rent is to talk to our customer care team to customize your quote via +254700216888.

What are the requirements for using self-drive luxury cars for hire?2023-06-26T17:41:03+03:00

Self-drive luxury cars for hire require you to:

  • Have a valid driving license or an international driving license
  • National ID or passport to prove you are of legal age.
  • Contact information and address
  • You must be 20 years and above
Can I have a luxury car rental for more than a month?2023-06-26T17:39:43+03:00

We have long-term luxury car services allowing you to keep our cars for over a month. Plus, the long-term luxury car rental discounts make our deals the cheapest in Kenya.

Where can one rent a luxury car for hire?2023-06-26T17:38:58+03:00

You can rent out your favorite luxury car, from sports car hires to executive car hires from Callaride, under long-term, short-term, chauffeur-driven, and self-drive car rental services.

Can I Hire a luxury car for more than a month?2022-12-05T09:41:06+03:00

Of course! Call a Ride gives you a chance to stay with our luxury car rental for as long as you want. For our long-term luxury cars for hire, we offer a discounted price of up to 30% depending on the luxury car hire period. The longer the period the higher the discount.

What do I need to rent a luxury car in Nairobi?2022-12-05T09:41:49+03:00

Before hiring any luxury car for hire with Call a Ride car hire services, the client should have the following original documents:

  • National ID / Passport
  • Valid Driver’s license or International Driver’s license
  • Document to certify your residence or place of work
  • The customer should be above 20yrs of age
How much does luxury car hire cost?2022-12-05T09:43:32+03:00

At Call a Ride, Our luxury cars price range from KES 4500 to KES 20,000 depending on the luxury car hire type; From Mercedes to Limousine luxury cars for hire. We have discounted prices on long-term luxury car hire depending on the car hire period, The more car hire days the higher the discount!

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