Corporate car hire

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Corporate Car Hire Services

Reliable Corporate Car Hire Services for Business in Nairobi

Callaride car hire services offer a convenient, cost-effective, safe, and professional ride for business. We are the go-to partner that ensures that your employees and clients arrive at their destination safely and on time. Our comprehensive corporate car rental services fleet would suit your company. Also, our friendly, professional customer care team will journey with you for an excellent experience with us.

Corporate Car Rental Services: What do we offer?

Are you looking for the best corporate car rental services in Nairobi? We offer the best corporate car hire services and are your true partner for efficient corporate travel.
Here is a snippet of the services you can expect from our team for your company car hire services:

  • Corporate Chauffeur hire services: We have a team of professional and friendly drivers who can tailor you to your desired location.

  • Self-drive services: Our team welcomes self-drive corporate rental cars where qualified drivers can use our corporate car rental services fleet. The driver must have a valid driving license.

  • Long-term corporate car hire services: You are welcome to hire our corporate car rental services fleet for as long as needed. Besides, we have a long-term car rental, corporate discount of 30% depending on how long you wish to use our vehicles.

  • Short-term car rental services: Callaride is an all-inclusive car hire services provider providing corporate rental cars to all. We have short-term corporate car rentals where you can access our services for hours and less than 7 days.

Corporate Car Hire Services Prices

Corporate car hire services prices are between KSH 4,500 and KSH 20,000. Some factors determine your corporate rental car prices, including the duration you wish to hire the car for, the type of car, and the services you wish to receive.
So, it would be best to consult with our professional team on our corporate car rental services and possible car rental corporate discounts.

Call A Ride

Our Car Rental Services

At Call a Ride we offer all-inclusive car hire and car rental services in Nairobi Kenya.
Contact us for a custom package.

Corporate Car Hire Services Prices

We have many corporate rental cars, from comfortable corporate vans to corporate-friendly SUVs. Our other vehicles include saloon cars, trucks, luxury cars, mini-SUVs, mini saloons, Corporate minivans, etc.
Contact us via our social media platforms or call our customer care number anytime.

Corporate Car Hire Services FAQ

Are there chauffeurs for corporate car rentals?2023-06-24T16:15:23+03:00

Yes! We have chauffeur-driven corporate car rental services. Our prices are a bit hire for these services since we must give our professional drivers suitable allowances.

What are the requirements for Corporate Car Hire Services?2023-06-24T16:14:33+03:00

The person registering for the corporate car hire services must be of legal age- 18+ years. So, they must provide their national ID or passport for identification.
Also, anyone requesting self-drive corporate car rentals must have a valid driver’s license and be at least twenty years.

Do you have on-way corporate car hire services?2023-06-24T16:13:30+03:00

Yes! One-way corporate rental cars are available at an affordable price. If you wish to receive the one-way company car hire service, contact our team for more information at +254700216888.

Can you use trucks in corporate car rental services?2023-06-24T16:09:45+03:00

Yes! Callaride is a flexible car rental company in Nairobi that keeps the customers’ needs at the forefront of their business. It means that we work hard to deliver the services that our customers need.
So, if you are looking for company car hire services to assist you in transporting your products, our corporate rental cars are ready to assist. You can choose from our corporate car hire services fleet, including trucks.

What is the corporate office drop-off and pick-up service?2023-06-24T16:08:55+03:00

Callaride corporate rental services have an office drop-off and pick-up service that ease your employees’ movement and assist in product transportation services you may need.
For example, we can pick up and drop off staff from their residences, conferences, airport, etc.

What is the price of corporate car hire services?2023-06-24T16:07:39+03:00

Corporate car hire services range between KSH 4,500 and KSH 20,000. A few factors influence the amount of money you need to pay, including the corporate car rental period, car model, and the services you are using. For example, a chauffeur-corporate car hire service is more expensive than a self-drive corporate car hire service.

Why choose Callaride Corporate Car Hire Services?2023-06-24T15:53:01+03:00

Our corporate car hire services have many benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, safety, convenience, and reliability. We ensure that your clients, employees, and products get to the right place at the right time via our comprehensive corporate rental cars.

Which SUV corporate cars for hire do Call a Ride have?2022-12-05T10:19:58+03:00

Get an off-road experience with our SUV corporate cars for hire at Call a Ride. That is; Land Rovers, Toyota Rav4, Chevrolet, and Double Cabins, among other SUV rental cars.

Are there long-term services for corporate car hire?2022-12-05T10:21:11+03:00

At Call a Ride, we offer both long-term services and short-term corporate car hire services on self-drive and chauffeur-driven car rental cars for corporate services

How much do corporate car hire services cost?2022-12-05T10:22:41+03:00

Call a Ride corporate car hire services price rates ranges from KES 4500 to KES 20,000 depending on the rental car type and model, From SUVs to saloon to minivans to truck rental cars for corporate services. We offer discounted prices on all long-term corporate car hire services, The more car hire days the higher the discount!

Do you provide chauffeurs for corporate car hire services?2022-12-05T10:27:55+03:00

Yes. At Call a Ride, we offer both chauffeur-driven and self-drive cars for hire on a budget. Our prices for chauffeur-driven services are a bit higher compared to self-drive because we charge an extra fee for our chauffeur’s allowances.

Do you have one-way corporate car hire services?2022-12-05T10:51:05+03:00

Yes. At Call a ride, we offer one-way services on both self-drive and chauffeur-driven rental cars for corporate services. For self-drive one-way car hire services, we agree with our customers on the drop-off location where our chauffeurs will pick up the one-way car rental from. We have skilled and outgoing chauffeurs at your service for chauffeur-driven one-way car hire services. Ride safe and comfortably with our one-way rental cars!

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