Car Hire Guides

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Car Hire Guides

These car hie guides show some of the popular cars for hire. Callaride car rental services has a first class car rental department that is open 24/7 and offers a wide variety of car rental services in Nairobi Kenya.

Do’s and Dont’s of Car Hire

Make the right decisions

Do’s of Car Hire

  • Choose the Right Car for Hire-When choosing the right rental car, you need to consider the following: boot space depending on how big your load is, passenger seats depending on how many people will be in the rental car, legroom, and headroom for your comfort, and fuel economy that fits your budget. If you’re looking for a rental car with the best gas mileage to save fuel on your trip, go for a smaller vehicle model. Also, make sure that you reserve a rental car with automatic transmission if you don’t know how to drive a rental car with manual transmission.
  • Check on period rates; Inquire about the rates for a specific period of time. If you want to rent your rental car for almost a whole week or a whole month, you should inquire about long-term rates as opposed to short-term rates. There are discounts and rebates for long-term rentals. At Call a Ride car rental, we offer discounts of up to 30% on long-term rentals depending on the length of the rental. The longer the rental period, the higher the discount.
  • Inspect the Car before signing anything; Examine the car before signing anything. Some companies view damage as a profit opportunity, so it’s important to inspect your rental car before you rent it. If you’re not the first renter, make notes on the rental agreement noting any damage or scratches, no matter how insignificant. It’s also a good idea to photograph the car from all angles, as this will help in the event of an allegation of damage to the rental. At Call a Ride, we perform a quick check-up of your rental car before you rent it.
  • Assign only one Driver; Some companies charge extra for an additional driver if you’re traveling with a group.

Don’ts of Car Hire

  • Don’t forget to ask about fees. If you book your car rental online, read the company’s terms and conditions carefully and check the rates for each car rental model and additional services. Call the offices and ask about restrictions and mileage limits. Inquire if there are penalties for no-shows, early returns, and refund policies. Inquire about fueling policies, whether the tank is full or free, so you can plan your budget well.
  • Don’t overlook insurance; Some companies will sell you insurance at a cheap price to cover your Rental Car in case of accidents whilst most Car insurance companies’ coverage transfers to the Rental Car during the period of its use. Call your insurance agency first to confirm if you’re adequately covered by the same insurance policy. If not, you can Consider a Car Rental Company’s insurance

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  • Fair and Transparent Pricing Structure
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Car Hire Reservation Guide

Booking a rental car online is easy with Call a Ride Car Rental. Book your rental car in one sitting by following the steps below;

  • If you do not have a specific car rental in mind, you should first browse our car rental fleet to learn about the different car rental models, their features, and their prices so that you can make a good decision on a car rental that suits your needs and budget.
  • Check each offer, restriction, and service. If you are unsure about any service, click here to call us for more information.
  • Once you have decided on a rental car, fill out the reservation form below and include your name, phone number, destination, car pick-up, and drop-off dates, and car category
  • Since we have not provided exact prices for our car rentals, our customer service will contact you after you submit your information to clarify further payment arrangements

Car Hire Guides FAQ

Do Call a Ride car hire has home pick-up services?2022-12-05T08:15:10+03:00

Yes, Call a Ride car hire offers pick-up and drop-off services to hotels, airports, residences, and any other location you want. We can also deliver your rental car to a specific address. Keep in mind, the availability of pick-up services may depend on your distance from the car rental location and pick-up service might cost more than picking up the car yourself.

Can I extend my car hire period?2022-12-05T08:15:58+03:00

Yes, you can. If you’ve already reserved your rental car but haven’t picked it up yet and you want to extend the car hire period, you may be able to cancel and re-book your rental car with new dates. If you’ve already picked up your rental car and want to change the car hire drop-off date, it’s probably possible. You’ll need to contact the rental company you booked with and ask them if you can extend your rental. Keep in mind that some companies might charge an additional change fee on top of your daily rental fee. You will also likely be charged at a higher daily rate than you found when booking the car.

What do i need to be eligible for car hire services?2022-12-05T08:17:33+03:00

At Call a Ride our Mini SUV car hire requirements are as follows;

For Kenyan residents;

  •  National Identification Card
  • Updated Drivers’ License
  • Contact and address information

For non-residents;

  • National Identity Card of your Country
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Contact information

NB; Both residents and n0n-residents should be above 20 years of age to be eligible to hire a Mini SUV car for hire

Can anyone beside the car hire reservation applicant drive the car?2022-12-05T08:18:53+03:00

Yes, At Call a Ride car hire, each person who intends to drive the car must submit a valid driver’s license on the rental car pick-up date. If it is not possible for all drivers to be present on the day of pick-up, a copy of their driver’s license (both sides), National Identification card, and passport must be prepared in advance and submitted.

How do I make car hire reservations online?2022-12-22T15:58:59+03:00

Online car hire reservations have been made easy with Call a Ride car rental company. Book your rental car in one sitting by following the steps below;

  • Unless you have a specific rental car you want to rent in mind, you need to go through our rental cars fleet first to check on different rental car models, their attributes, and their price rates in order to make a good decision on a rental car that will suit your needs and budget.
  • Check every offer, restriction, and service. If you are unsure about any service reach us at +254 700 216 888 for further clarifications.
  • Once you have decided on your rental car, fill in the reservation form below with your name, phone number, destination, car rental pick-up, and drop-off date, and rental car category then submit
  • Since we have not indicated the exact prices of our rental cars, once you have submitted your details, our customer care will contact you for further payment clarification.
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