Car Tracker and Alarm Installations

Car Tracker and Alarm Installations2022-12-05T18:12:22+03:00
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Call a Ride Car Tracker and Alarms installations

Car Trackers and Car Alarms systems being an ideal solution for monitoring and securing your vehicles 24/7, Call a Ride offers you advanced GPS Trackers and Anti-theft alarms to improvise your fleet efficiency, sustainability and safety at pocket-friendly prices.

How GPS Tracker works

First let’s understand what GPS Car Tracking is, GPS Car Tracking the surveillance of location through use of the GPS to track the location and movement of a Car. These days, GPS has a range of uses, from military exercises across the globe, to directions that help drivers find their way.

GPS Car tracking requires GPS Tracker to be installed in a vehicle. The device then provides information about its exact location and subsequent movements, enabling tracking in real-time. GPS Car Tracker is used by Commercial fleet managers to locate there Cars’ routes, report on traffic conditions, monitor how long each vehicle spends at a jobsite as well as get important insights about their fleet’s efficiency.

GPS Trackers sends special satellite signals that are processed by a receiver. These GPS receivers track the exact location of the GPS Tracker as well as compute their time and the velocity they are traveling in. These positions can also be computed and represented in three-dimensional views using GPS satellite signals. GPS systems consist of three segments: space, control, and user.

Benefits of GPS Car Tracking

Improves Fleets’ Security; GPS Tracker installation on your fleets helps in minimizing thefts since you will be able to track your car location whenever it is stolen or lost.

Reduces Overtime and Timesheet Fraud; With GPS Tracker installed on your fleet, you will be able to allocate resources based on real-time updates, so that your drivers won’t spend more time on the road than they need to, with that you will be able to keep your payroll hours under control. For Timesheet Frauds you will not get to pay for work your drivers didn’t do or for time spent on non-work activities since you will be tracking their movements

Validation of Completed work; Sometimes customers questions the services you have billed them for e.g, if a driver attended to the assigned work and how many hours were spent on the work. GPS Tracker provides accountability of the work on their invoices . Providing your customers an electronic bill boosts their trust in your services.

Car Alarms

Car alarms are an ideal solution for vehicles security if your fleet safety is your top-tier priority . These security products are usually installed to deter unauthorized entry, theft of detachable parts or a Car as a whole. Advanced Car Alarms are made of sophisticated array of sensors such us impact sensors, shock sensors, ultrasonic sensors among others. At Call a Ride Company, we offer professional installation of automotive alarm systems on budget.

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Types of Car Alarm Systems

Below are the types of Car Alarm System we have;

  • Active Alarm
  • Passive Alarm
  • Audible Alarm
  • Remote Start Alarm
  • GPS Alarm
  • Two-way Paging Alarm
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Car Tracker and Alarm Installations FAQs

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Is it worth installing a car alarm?2022-12-05T08:47:45+03:00

Yes, it really is. Having a car alarm system installed in your car is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of protecting it from crime. Car alarms are usually installed to deter unauthorized entry, and theft of detachable parts, or a Car as a whole. Call a Ride car alarm installation services make that more reliable for you, we offer quality and advanced car alarm systems on a budget!

How much does car tracker and alarm installation costs in Nairobi?2022-12-05T09:02:33+03:00

At Call a Ride, Our car tracker and alarm installation rates start from as low as 10,000 for car trackers and 4,500 for alarm systems depending on the type of car tracker and alarm system you want


Can I install GPS car tracker on someone’s car without their consent?2022-12-03T19:27:36+03:00

No. It is not allowed for a person to knowingly install, conceal, or otherwise install GPS Tracker or any other tracking device in or on  vehicle without the consent of the operator and all occupants of the vehicle for the purpose of monitoring or following the operator, occupant, or occupants of the vehicle.

Can I link my cars’ GPS tracker to my phone2022-12-03T19:28:17+03:00

Yes, it is possible. As far as you’ve installed your GPS tracker on your Car. You can use a built-in GPS feature, such as OnStar (GM), HondaLink, and FordPass, or download a GPS tracking app like Google Maps, SpySat, or SpotAngels.

Which GPS tracker is the best ?2022-12-03T19:28:33+03:00

Bouncie GPS Car Tracker
LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker
Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker
Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Spytec GPS GL300 Tracker

Is it worth installing a car alarm system?2022-12-03T19:29:18+03:00

Yes it is, If your properties’ security is your top-tier priority then car alarm system is an ideal solution for you, Call a Ride makes that easier for you with a pocket-friendly price with quality car alarm installation services

What are the benefits of car alarm systems?2022-12-03T19:30:06+03:00
  • Car alarm systems minimize theft
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle ignition
  • Car alarm notifies the car owner in case of an unproperly closed door


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