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Nairobi Car Rental

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Call A Ride

Our Car Rental Services

At Call a Ride we offer all-inclusive car hire and car rental services in Nairobi Kenya.
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Car Rental Services in Nairobi

Callaride car rental services has a first class car rental department that is open 24/7 and offers a wide variety of car rental services in Nairobi Kenya.

  • FROM: KES 10,000

    Luxury Cars for Hire Get a prestige ride with Call a Ride luxury cars for hire for your airport transfers, [...]

    Categories: Views: 1946
  • FROM: KES 4500

    Comfort Cars for Hire Comfort Cars were majorly built for Versatility and reliability, they are among the best [...]

    Categories: Views: 1093
  • FROM: KES 35,000

    Saloon Cars for Hire Saloon car hire suits a broad list of needs and persons because of; it's boot space [...]

    Categories: Views: 1546
  • FROM: KES 15,000

    SUV Cars for Hire Cruise your off-road experience with our SUV cars for hire. We have extra-rugged four-wheel drive SUVcars [...]

    Categories: Views: 1294
  • FROM: KES 20,000

    Trucks for Hire Are you in a construction season? Well, knowing how much you need truck services to gather your [...]

    Categories: Views: 779
  • FROM: 3000

    Mini Saloon Car Hire Services Mini Saloon cars have a low fuel consumption rate thus making them ideal cars [...]

    Categories: Views: 1044
  • FROM: KES 7,000

    Minivans for Hire Planning for a business, family, friends gate away trip, brunch or any other group journey? Call a [...]

    Categories: Views: 1378
  • FROM: KES 6000

    Call a Ride Mini SUV Cars for Hire Are you looking for more interior and cargo space than sedans [...]

    Categories: Views: 1588
  • FROM: KES 14,000

    Tours and Corporate Vans for Hire Most Kenya Safaris that visit National parks and reserves uses tours and corporate [...]

    Categories: Views: 4128
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Call a Ride Car Hire Company

Call a Ride is a reliable car rental company located in Nairobi Upper Hill at Josem Trust House. We offer various car rental services to meet the diverse mobility needs of our customers. These include: long-term car hire services, chauffeur-driven car hire, self-drive car rental, office pick up and drop off service, car rental for airport transfers, one-way car rental, and many more.

We have a wide range of cars for hire suitable for different occasions, mileage, landscapes i.e off-road and on-road routes, budgets in terms of fuel consumption, and cargo space. We also offer the installation of car trackers and alarms for the safety of your car at an affordable price. Run your errands, go on excursions, explore Nairobi’s itinerary, and move from one place to another in comfort with Call a Ride Cars for Hire. We have mini saloons, saloons, mini-SUVs, SUVs, minivans, trucks, tours, corporate vans, and luxury and comfort cars for hire to help you get around town and on the road.

Car Rental Services-Nairobi Kenya

Car rental is an ideal option for people who want to own a car temporarily. Car rental companies offer car rental services for different groups of people with different mobility needs. For example, for those who need transportation services for light and heavy tasks, for travel agencies or groups organizing a road trip, for car owners whose car is damaged, and also for those who do not own a car but need one.
In addition to rental cars, some car rental companies also offer companion products, such as car trackers, car alarms, entertainment systems, child seats, paper road maps, newspapers and many other additional products.

Call A Ride Car Rental Services in Nairobi FAQ

What are the car hire requirements for tourists?2022-12-03T19:14:32+03:00

At Call a Ride Car Hire Company, our requirements for tourist eligibility for car rental services include;
• National identity card of your country
• Passport
• Driver’s license
• Contact information
• Be above 20 years of age
Please note that you must provide the originals and photocopies of the above documents to our office when you pick up your rental car, and we will retain the photocopies.

How do I get rental car after booking online?2022-12-03T19:14:46+03:00

We advise our clients to collect their rental cars from our office at Josem Trust House in Nairobi on their pick-up dates. Call us on 0700216188 if you wish to pick up your car from a different location.

How much does car hire cost in Nairobi?2022-12-03T19:15:00+03:00

Car hire prices in Nairobi costs an average of 5,000 KES per day depending on the car model, car hire services, and also car rental company. At Call a Ride, our prices range between 3,000KES-20,000KES depending on the Car model, services and Car Rental period. For our long-term car hire we offer up to 30% discount depending on the car rental period, The longer the period, the higher the discount.

What are the terms and conditions for car Hire in Nairobi?2022-12-05T11:10:46+03:00

Terms and conditions for Car hire in Nairobi may differ for different car rental companies.

At Call a Ride, Since we cannot supervise you, We have laid down a bit the terms & conditions of all our car hire services to keep you comfortable when you are on and off the road with any of our rental cars.

How do I book rental car in Nairobi ?2022-12-05T11:17:42+03:00

• Call a Ride car hire is just a click away from you, we have made car reservations easier. You can book our car hire service by;

Do Call a Ride have unlimited coverage policy2022-12-05T11:15:40+03:00

All Call A Ride, we offer unlimited mileage coverage which gives you the right to drive anywhere. Drive as far as you want with Call a Ride cars for hire!

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